A toast with Salento wines from Cantine Pandora

When one thinks of Salento, one thinks of the beautiful sea, but also of fine food and the land from which a good wine is produced.
Cantine Pandora is the expression of the work, effort and passion for the land and the vineyards where it is produced.
an excellent Negroamaro, primitive, malvasia, red wines with a strong and intense flavour and fresh rosés and whites, more and more appreciated.
With such dedication, all that remains is to raise the glasses for a toast with the Salento wines of Cantine Pandora.


Our Story

Cantine Pandora is the work of a man who, after years dedicated to his land and his vineyards, courageously decides to take the big step

The vines of the wine-growing tradition Cantine Pandora

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Cantine Pandora